Sunday, July 3, 2011


So saturday was spent exploring a little bit around the city and picking up some awesome gifts for people.

I went with Drew, Melanie and Julie around to SD Road to find Crafts Emporium. It was a really cool place! They had a zillion elephant things and some pretty awesome wood-inlaid items.

After that we decided that we were going to walk to find lunch.... and that ended up being an hour of us wandering around in the wrong direction before finally completing a circle and getting on the right track.

We were able to walk by the shoe vendors though and between the five of us we got 10 pairs of shoes. They definitely got our business that day. It was so funny to see Julie bargaining. She would go to one shop and get shoes she liked, ask for a price, tell the guy to hold on and go next door to the other shoe shop to ask their prices. It was priceless. Gotta love Julie. :)

Also it was interesting because we had this woman begging... as she held a 100 rupee note in her hand! What?! And she kept following us and waiting outside the shops for us. It took us a solid 20 minutes to shake her.

After finding a place to eat, we lucked out because it decided to monsoon as soon as we walked in. We seriously had just sat down with our food and the sky came falling down. It was the hardest I've seen it rain yet, and I've seen some pretty hard rain here. It was still going like 30 minutes later too at full blast. So we decided to take our time and chill before leaving. Once again we lucked out and were able to avoid the rains and get a cheap auto back to the house.

After coming back we decided to go to Q Mart in Banjara Hills to get stuff for dinner on sunday. I'm in charge of dinner on sundays and it's been fun to cook again, although a bit of an experience trying to feed 17 people... which included 6 big/hungry boys. It was such a nice supermarket and they had so many different things! Super fun and very productive.

When we got back home it wasn't so pleasant though because I finally found out how much the Rajamundry trip was going to cost and it was too expensive for our budget. So we voted on the project and voted it down unless we could find a cheaper option. :( No bueno. So now I've got to scramble to figure out a way to make this work before wednesday. X.X no fun.


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