Monday, July 4, 2011

The Fourth of July!!!!

So this fourth of July was awesome. :)

We woke up to our WONDERFUL country directors having made us french toast!

Awesome! That was so yummy and such a wonderful surprise. It was also fun to see the apartment completely decorated with American flag stuff.

I think that the 4th of July is almost more fun in other countries because the Americans who are around band together and are extra festive. Last year in Jerusalem we had a whole cookout and bbq and had fireworks, face painting, a whole patriotic program, bobbing for apples and some other fun things.

This year we were invited to a special dinner with LEPRA. LEPRA is the awesome organization that is fighting against leprosy, HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria with innovative ideas, practices and research all over India. They have been such a great organization to work with and they have been very good at seeing how we can help their organization. So they decided because we have this special friendship to have us over for a special dinner.

It was such a blast to be there with the whole team and the LEPRA people. It was such yummy food (even if the only "American" thing was the deviled eggs I made to bring for them to try). After eating we had a little ceremony where they gave us roses and a gift to show appreciation. It was also fun because they had us sing our anthem and they sang theirs.

The group

The lipstick ladies :P

Ang and Mel are SO excited!

My wonderful patriotic husband in my Egyptian soccer jersey :P (nothing else was clean)

The remains of the food.... mmmm

I don't think I have any normal pictures of her....

Giving out the gifts

Our wonderful Lepra partners! :)

Afterwards, we went back home and then had a little bit of patriotic fun on the roof.

Us waiting...

Let the explosions begin!

Yay fireworks! We had so much fun with poppers, sparklers and those fun ones that just exploded. :D

These things spun and were fun


Playing with the sparklers

These are crazy but so much fun

I got to light this! :)

This was fun and it was fun to light the fireworks. Don't worry, it had rained earlier so most everything was wet. So fun!


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