Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quarter Acre Project

So the whole purpose of the Quarter Acre project was to help show farmers that they can have nutritional foods for their family, as well as an additional cash flow from various plants on a small plot of land.

Additionally, there is a school right next to the plot (both of which are run by our partner SKS) which needed painting. This plus a service activity for the local LDS branch means we get the project completed in one day!

After going 4 hours by bus to the location, we find that the land is all put into neat plots and we have paint for the school. We originally were going to do a soilet there as well, but SKS decided to wait until the Soilet Conference this tuesday to see how they work/if they want to implement them in their projects.

This project ended up being fantastic. We got some great shots and a lot of people helped make a difference.

The field last monday when we visited, after plowing but before working it into beds

The field into beds!

People working on planting in the fields

The walls pre-painting

Some of the painting

More of the painting in progress...

One of the designs (that black and yellow stripe below it went around the entire room)

Melissa with the young women who helped

The women helping to paint educational materials

The entire group

It was such a rewarding day and it was neat to know that our work will go towards helping local farmers gain different skills as well as help the school with educational materials.


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