Sunday, May 22, 2011

Meetings continued

So the past couple of week days have been busy with working and meeting up with partners.

Thursday we learned how to do a needs assessment. Basically what a needs assessment looks at is not only if a project would work but how and who would be connected, possible problems, etc.

It was really fascinating because we were all given the same company and then different areas to look up. We came up with different results and even then the answer wasn't conclusive to see if we should suggest for that company to start helping here.

It was a great exercise and helped us to figure out a process that will be important with other partners.

We also went over projects and wrote down who wanted to work on what etc and Melissa and Seth took our sheets and put together teams.

Friday we were told who was the project lead for the teams and also who was working with what.
I found out that I'm the project lead for a project with the MV foundation working on murals for the schools, the project lead for the quarter acre building project with CARPED and then I'm also the project lead for this project that works on analyzing the impact of a dam project in southern Andhra Pradesh. It's really exciting working on these projects along with a few others.

More later, I'm so exhausted.

I'll let you know about saturday and going to the Charminar later!


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