Thursday, May 26, 2011

Days flying by

Wow... I cannot believe that it is Thursday already! Where did the time go?! Have I really been here for 2 weeks tomorrow?

Holy cow.

India is so crazy and so much fun. I find I'm finally adjusting to the weather (yay!) and the spices (mmm) and even arguing with rickshaw drivers over prices and where we're supposed to go. :)

So some summary of the past week or so. I've met with a lot of partners and figured out what I'll be doing (mostly) with them and with the other team members.

So I am the project lead with CARPED for the Quarter Acre project. We're basically going to be showing how a poor family can live off of that small amount of land. But that means building a mud house (that should be interesting), adding a soilet (more on that later), adding an adobe stove and having square foot gardens in the back yard! It should be fun but a lot of work.

I'll also be working on the Polavaram Dam project. I'll be helping to analyze the impact of the dam on the tribal cultures that will be displaced. That should be fascinating.

I'll also be working with the MV Foundation with doing murals on the school walls. That one isn't set in stone yet, but we'll see how it goes!

Things have been so intense lately with meeting after meeting with the partner and solidifying what we're doing. But it's fun to be able to drive around the city and realize I know where I am and recognize roads, landmarks, etc. It's also been fun to get to know the team better. We're a good mix of people and it's been really fun meshing so far.

Oh, and on friday we had our "initiation" ceremony where we were given food and not told what it was before we ate it.

Can you guess what it is? I figured it out and wasn't too happy with it...

But they made it up by giving us cake later. :)

Kinda makes up for the fact that we were served goat brains...

More later!


Emily Davis said...

Were the goat brains tasty at least?

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