Monday, May 23, 2011

The Charminar!

So on Saturday a group of us went to the Charminar to go shopping with Sister Alice. It was our first experience with going on buses. It was an interesting experience.

This is outside the main street closest to our house. For some reason I feel that this picture epitomizes India.

Here we are going on the bus, it was funny because when we got on the first time the girls just followed Rem... to the guy's side of the bus. We got a few chuckles as we went to the front of the bus.

So after 3 buses we finally get off at the Charminar.

It's so cool!

A picture of the palace across the street

A closer view

It was neat to see it up close. Because we were shopping we didn't have time to go up and look around.

It was interesting to see all of the different people hawking their wares. It was SO crowded though. Saturday is market day and the Charminar is always busy but especially busy on saturdays.

Some of the vendors and their wares

We finally get to this nice store and start to look around.

The store where we got our outfits

People looking at the outfits.

Sister Alice helping to make sure we get a good price. :)

After buying our clothes, we went to eat lunch while our outfits had the sleeves put on. We found this great restaurant and ate. We had some of the yummiest food. We had like 6 different dishes. All I ate was the paneer butter masala (my favorite Indian dish by far) and naan. Oh man, we had garlic naan. I forgot how much I love garlic. It was SO good. :)

Where we ate

Julie and Melissa with their dessert drink

I always take pictures when Melissa is eating apparently....

On our way back from the restaurant to pick up our clothes we got distracted by bangles.

Shiny bangles

It was sad because Melissa bought a bag and sometime between then and when we got on the bus we realized that her wallet had gotten stolen. :( It was a learning moment that you shouldn't leave wallets on the top of your bag in a crowd.

After leaving the Charminar, we realized it was easier to take an auto (a rickshaw) to the bus station than trying to catch a bus going in that direction. So... all 9 of us got into the rickshaw.
Hilarity and pictures ensued.

Angela is on my lap, Julie is next to me, Sister Alice is next to her, Brandon is in the back ledge, Melanie was on Julie's lap and Melissa was hanging onto the side while Rem and Ashlee sat next to the driver in the front.

It was an interesting day and definitely a fun market experience.


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