Thursday, June 2, 2011


So... today was the first day that I really felt human. Yay stomach sickness!

So remember how I ate beef the other night? Yeah... I spoke too soon when I said I kept it down.
Which was a shame, it was quite tasty... if a bit chewy.

So I FINALLY had a morning where I didn't throw up and I was able to eat something!


So what did I eat?


Glorious, wonderful naan...

And what are those chunks in it? Garlic. Mmmmm.... There seriously must have been at least 2 cloves of garlic in the bread. So. Unbelievably. Yummy.

And the sad thing is that those two pieces of naan are the biggest meal I've had all week... combined. Don't you love sickness? I've felt like a zombie.

And for the record, no it is not related to the E. Coli breakout in Germany *coughMOMcough* I don't even think we get anything imported from Europe besides Nutella. And if there's something wrong with the Nutella, well, them's fightin' words!

So anywho, it's just run of the mill, I'm-in-a-foreign-country-getting-used-to-the-minerals-and-strange-bacteria-sickness. That and lack of sanitation. It's mostly clean right?

Anyways, so today was also the first day I've been out of the house since sunday. (Wohoo!) I went to get stuff to make spaghetti for sunday dinner. (Why are you making sunday's dinner on Thursday?) Well, since spaghetti from scratch takes a bit, I needed to have at least 4 hours to work on it (darn chopping veggies). I won't be at the house that long for the next few days with the exception of sleeping. Tomorrow we're going to Kowdipally to look at the site for CARPED's Quarter Acre Project.

I'm actually really excited to go for a few reasons. a. I'm in charge of this project and need to see the layout of the land before I can go further b. it's getting out of the city c. it's getting out of the house which given the past week is fantastic.

In addition to that, my other project, the Polavaram Dam project, is having a huge meeting on sunday. The guy in charge of it would like me to be there for that and also on monday to see some of the villages. It'll really help to solidify the project and see what we can do to help. Also it's an 8 hour journey, so once again getting out of the house. It's also neat because this is really getting out into the countryside. I'm super excited for it. :)

So today was fun and I felt human again. It was also kinda special because today was Brandon's birthday (Hurray!) and he got to see his (soon-to-be-within-the-week) fiance Sirisha. It was cute. We got him a cake and sang to him and then he went off to hang out with her after he had done all of his meetings and he's going to be with her family all this weekend. They're so adorable. And it was nice to see Sirisha. When I came into the living room she was like CASEY! and jumped up and gave me a big hug. It was much appreciated. :)

Brandon eating the rose

Cutting up the cake for everyone... it wasn't that good. Cakes here are SUPER watery and this one was soggy. :( But cake is still cake and Brandon was happy for the birthday surprise.

I hope tomorrow continues to be better as I recover. One bonus though is that all of my clothes are looser now! I guess that's one way to lose weight? Oh well, off to Kowdipally tomorrow!

p.s. If you are into gardening/sustainable living whatsoever, get this book. It is AWESOME. I've read it cover to cover and it's inspiring. And it's the basis for the CARPED project. :)

Oh, and look it's on sale at Amazon!


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